“For you a thousand times over!”

I’ve been wondering…for quite sometime. Who would I give up everything for? how much would I give up and how many times? People enter your life at any moment, make an impact and then when the hours turns to days and days turns to weeks and weeks turn to months then months years then someway somehow they end up leaving.

The curse of this world is that nothing will ever be certain forever. So, I humbly contemplate who I would give up everything for, again and again just like Hassan would for Amir. Just like Heathcliff for Catherine, Like Romeo for Juliet, Like Sam for Frodo. Honestly, we spend time creating meaningful connections, negative or positive. We spend time thinking about all the people we meet and would we, give up everything, a thousand times over, for a stranger that later holds significant importance. Many will say family members, your mother, your brother, your sister which is completely understandable. But they aren’t the only people in your life and sadly sometimes they themselves find the door out. But when they locate the door and leave would you still, give up everything, a million times over, even if they wouldn’t do the same for you?

The irony.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, the beauty of life is the ability to seek connections and find people worth giving up everything for. A trillion times over.


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